Benefiting Bees, Battle Buddies & Firefighters
Award-winning actress Kerry Cahill who currently portrays Dianne in AMC's The Walking Dead, and has also been seen Free State of Jones, Mudbound, and Terminator Genisys among many others, has long supported many organizations helping veterans, rural firefighters and animals. Please join her as she uses her voice to make a difference.

In Kerry’s words, why she started Cahill Cares…

As my career has begun to rise and I have been able to garner attention through my acting it is important to me that I give back.  I am an avid gardener, I love the woods and wilderness and grew up in very rural areas with an appreciation for land and our connection to it. I am a gold star family member and army brat, and I remember our entire community coming together and ranchers using their own equipment to fight fires with their neighbors.  Small things can indeed change the world. If every community had a large garden nearby,  grocery bills go down, bees have nectar, and children have healthy food. If you come home after a long day or wake up from a short night unable to sleep, a dog wagging its tail or licking your face can make a huge difference. If a rural fire department can get extra training or a vital piece of equipment, hay fields, forests, and homes can be saved. 

There are so many organizations out in the world doing great things and often what they need to keep going or do more is simple. Money. Cahill Cares is dedicated to throwing great events to raise that money and awareness about great programs people can support. We have just begun and I am excited to see what the next few years bring us.
Cahill BIO
We provide financial support for community gardens and pollinator habitats. Without butterflies and bees there is no pollinating. Without
pollinating there is no food. Without food there is no us. 
Battle Buddies
We provide financial support for veterans and active duty soldiers with
service dog sponsorships, vet bills, pet relocation expenses, and
veteran and service dog organizations. 
We provide financial support for training, facilities, equipment, and logistics specifically for rural and volunteer firefighting departments. 

Cahill Cares inaugural FUNDraiser!
Join Kerry, Cooper Andrews and their friends for the BARKING DEAD BALL benefiting CAHILL CARES & The Bastion House. Bastion, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, supports returning warriors and families through their transition from military service and beyond by providing a healing environment within an intentionally designed neighborhood. CAHILL CARES will be funding the Community Garden in phase three.

Co-host Cooper Andrews
has become one of
The Walking Dead's fan favorites in his role as
The Kingdom's Jerry, one of the few beacons of hope in the zombie apocalypse.

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